About Us

How did it Start

AG Mushroom Farm has been delivering results since we opened in 2016. Our goal is to provide both an excellent customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

Organic Farming is popular now because of the numerous benefits. Mushroom Chips are processed in a conventional method. Organic food is better for our health. We demonstrate that people who eat organic food develop good health that’s why we come up with our fruit of labor the oyster mushroom chips with no preservatives.

raw oyster mushroom
mushroom farming

AG Mushroom Farm wants to be a stable food business that caters to the needs of people who would like to promote alternative healthy snacks in all age groups. A dependable and reliable company that promotes organic, healthy way of living. We are very familiar with the mushroom farming process and come up with products that can be useful to everyone. Mushroom chips can be an anti-stress food because of that our product is considered as a comfort food. The clear outcome of a positive, predictable experience is the effect it has on customer satisfaction.

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We encourage good eating habits among the general public. We advise people to eat healthy products. Our environment could also be shaped such that healthy choices are the easiest to make. We encourage healthy snacks in hospitals, schools canteens, spa, gyms or fitness centers, therefore we promote good eating habits in the said places. In this way, we give people a gentle push in the right direction.


One of the trade secrets of our business is being consistent in the quality of our products. Being unique and innovative in the preparation and process are the key tools we have. Accelerate Trust is how we gain new customers. We do satisfaction services and good packaging. The taste and affordable price add up to a positive feedback from our customers.